Notice Regarding Registration of Crowd Realty, Inc. as Financial Instruments Business Operator

Crowd Realty, Inc. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO Takeshi Kito), a company which aims to launch an equity crowdfunding marketplace called “Crowd Realty”, has been registered as Financial Instruments Business Operator Engaged in Type II Financial Instruments Business on November 9, 2016.

Crowd Realty is an equity crowdfunding marketplace for real estate with hybrid mechanisms of crowdfunding and public REIT, and will create a brand new equity capital market, which helps customers to match sources of capital to needs for domestic and international real estate investments online.

Going further, we will also provide customers with various real estate solutions, such as fundraising and asset management strategies, online across borders at low cost as well as opportunities to invest small amounts of money in and raise funds for diversified real estate related projects.

Especially in Japan, we will further provide funding opportunities not only for securitization of commercial real estate but also for various construction and real estate related projects, such as renovation of under-utilized real estate and community development, for which only few options of financing are available so far, and proactively engage in regional revitalization and value adding activities.

Crowd Realty, Inc. PR Dept.